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The Walking Dead Season 7 Second Half: Majorly Mess Timeline

there’s been plenty of dialogue over The strolling dead’s timeline. What 12 months turned into the outbreak? How a lot time has passed in the show? And why is it constantly summer time in Georgia?

Fear The Walking Dead useless helped to resolve a number of the ones questions, confirming that the virus started out to wreak havoc on the arena round 2010. the precise time it is handed in #TheWalkingDead is estimated to be around two years, which makes one element from Season 7 a little odd.

Just When You Thought You Were Free…

enough time has handed because the iconic episode “The cell” which you’ve probable controlled to get that infuriatingly upbeat ‘easy street’ music out of your head. lamentably, you’re about to experience the nightmare all yet again, due to the fact there’s some thing about that music that just would not upload up:
‘easy street’ changed into written by way of Jim Bianco and accomplished by The Collapsable Hearts membership. even as the display’s tune producer may additionally have concept it made the correct torture tune, his pleasure might also have precipitated him forgot one critical element: Its release date.

The song became launched November 2016, which continues to be a few years in advance of in which the display is as much as; consequently it must be not possible for it to even exist in the walking lifeless universe. thinking about the display does not regularly use in-scene song, it is a quite obvious mistake.

The Second Offense?

There are a few famous memes floating across the internet calling out the display for its various inaccuracies. one in all them factors out the absurdity of a car from 2013 being utilized in a display set after its 2010 zombie apocalypse. It surely doesn’t make experience, does it?

The issue is, the automobile wasn’t sincerely from 2013, but a 2011 Hyundai Tucson constrained. the auto changed into a part of a advertising deal among Hyundai and The taking walks useless, though reputedly some viewers mistook it for the 2013 model. it’s an clean mistake to make, because the shell of both cars look nearly same.


And whilst 2011 is technically now not 2010, car fashions are frequently launched beneath the year following their manufacturing. for example, the 2011 Hyundai Tucson could most in all likelihood were launched closer to the give up of 2010.

alternatively, while hilarious memes are involved, the general public are too busy sharing the humour to truth-take a look at — and the equal will be stated for The walking useless producers.

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